If already cinema, then right!

Maurice de Mauriac at the Venice Film Festival

No film festival is older than the one in Venice, which has been held annually since 1932 and parallel to the biennial. Amidst the Italian gestures and Venetian flair, the international cinematic masterpieces are honoured with golden lions each year.

Alongside Berlin and Cannes, the Venice Film Festival represents the pinnacle distinction that a film can be awarded. And wherever the greats of the film come together, one always meets beautiful women. The Zurich photographer Enzo di Caprio was able to get some of these beautiful women to do a photoshooting for Maurice de Mauriac against the backdrop of the Venice Film Festival.

Within the context of this photographic campaign, the women, the watches and the city do not compete for attention. Instead, Di Caprio uses his unique compositions to make them all even more beautiful, more impressive and more striking. The resulting images are of almost timeless beauty. Against the backdrop of the deserted city of Venice, the whirling mechanics of the watches together with the water in the canals, the rhythmic beating of the pigeon wings and the breath of the models sounds like a sensual symphony only surpassed by the aesthetics of the present moment.

Through the use of stunning subjects and compositions, Enzo Di Caprio explains why women love Maurice de Mauriac watches.