Lucky Number 13

Lucky 13! One of my Maurice de Mauriac timepieces inspired one of the most surprising birthday gifts I ever had. A couple of friends noticed my Chrono Modern Pit Stop…

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The magic of the full of moon

Every second of time holds an incredible power. What happens throughout the entire world in just one second is almost incomprehensible. Watching the second hand continuously move around the dial…

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Don’t tell me any tall tales about horses. But it’s a true tale!

A short story about Shell Cordovan leather. While the statement ‘everything rare is valuable’ doesn’t always hold, in the case of Shell Cordovan leather, it does. Every horse skin has…

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Love of leather

When you come visit us at the atelier and are looking to purchase a watch, make sure that you set aside a little extra time, so that you can select…

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Ready for every occasion: the ties that bind

Watchstraps hold watch and wearer together: If one believes the words of those who are able to lose themselves in mechanical timepieces, then these watches have a soul. If they…

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When the going get’s tough, the tough push on through

One-piece or “pass-through” watch straps—as are they are sometimes referred to—have been around for quite some time. In 1965 they were thrust into the spotlight in the James Bond film…

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Dogma straps – the end of exhibitionism

Those who break with the dogmas in the watch industry are allowed to characterise the result of their efforts “dogma”. The most recent watch strap created by Mauriac de Mauriac, the Zurich based watch brand with the most expertise when it

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