Time to Lay Down a Few Beats about Pioneers

RUN D.M.C and Maurice de Mauriac pushing the boundaries   RUN D.M.C. was the first hip-hop group to go gold. That was back in 1984 and the record was called “RUN D.M.C.” The video for Rock Box was the first rap video that MTV ever aired. Then the trio were the first rappers to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. And it wasn’t just musically speaking that they were the first to take a risk and try something that no one else had tried before. It’s no wonder that Daniel Dreifuss and his sons love RUN D.M.C. and wanted to see the group live. What RUN D.M.C. is to the music business, Maurice de Mauriac and the Dreifuss family are to the watch industry. They call everything into question and are quite often the first when it comes to bringing new watches, new designs and new materials to market. And then came the day when Daniel Dreifuss and his son Leonard were driving through New York with RUN D.M.C. in a huge SUV. It was an experience etched into their hearts and minds. Together with RUN D.M.C., the two pioneers experienced another first: For the first time ever, RUN D.M.C. were cruising through the streets of the city with a watch producer in their SUV – just for fun. But how did this meeting come about? After a RUN D.M.C. concert in Zurich, the sons of the legendary trio were drinking a few beers at the atelier, where Maurice de Mauriac designs and creates its timepieces. And if you have ever been to the atelier, the idea of creating a watch together is almost a foregone conclusion. However, while the idea was obvious, the realisation of this joint effort was anything but normal. Once the first RUN D.M.C. watch was finished, Daniel offered to personally bring the watch to New York – an offer RUN D.M.C. was more than happy to accept. A large SUV was waiting for them at the airport; inside the vehicle the rap legends who were eagerly awaiting to take possession of their watch. Then things took an interesting twist. What was originally supposed to be a handoff quickly turned into a tour of the city. The tour turned into an unforgettable experience, and this amazing event turned into a friendly cooperation. Just a few moments ago, the photographer left the Maurice de Mauriac atelier in the Tödistrasse 48 in Zurich. Looking at the pictures brings back memories of that fateful day with RUN D.M.C. Daniel, Leonard and Massimo are all dressed in black Adidas track suits as RUN ZRH; the photos are a playful homage to RUN D.M.C.’s love of Adidas, which became their hallmark. And while the pictures are clearly a tribute to RUN D.M.C., one is also reminded of the Royal Tenenbaums. It’s a wonderful interplay. The photo shooting was just about having some fun, which again evokes the memories and feelings of having been in the “uterus of rap”, as Daniel Dreifuss likes to describe the drive through New York in the SUV – as RUN ZRH cruising with RUN D.M.C. through the Big Apple. Now, you are probably thinking that the Dreifuss family would only fly off to NYC for RUN D.M.C., but you’d be wrong. Daniel and his family quite often take the opportunity to deliver watches personally. And everyone knows the personal designing of watches is also inextricably tied to the culture here at Maurice de Mauriac. While this creative process, of course, can’t always take place in NYC, it can happen while wearing an Adidas tracksuit – a sight you might just see when visiting Daniel in his atelier!    

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