Time is a woman!

A tribute to femininity

In the German language, some of the most profound and significant concepts and terms are female: intelligence (die Intelligenz), wisdom (die Weisheit), power (die Macht), depth (die Tiefe), quality (die Qualität), precision (die Präzision), and, of course, time (die Zeit)! But, if you look at the watch industry, no one would blame you for thinking that time is male (der Zeit)—a brutish macho, if you will. Just look at the pervasive themes in the watch world: diving especially deep, driving extremely fast, flying very high, offshore sailing, fighter planes, and so on and so forth. There is a watch for every form of masculinity. And as if that weren’t enough masculinity, watches are ‘bathed’ in testosterone when it comes to the selection of materials: carbon fibre, kevlar, titanium, ceramics, etc…. It’s probably only a matter of time before the first watch straps appear that have to be shaved every day.

We were initially appalled and the next moment quite shocked. –Maurice de Mauriac also devotes more to his time than to her time! Daniel Dreifuss immediately reached for the telephone and called the family together for a crisis meeting: Three men, two women. That’s not a bad constellation for a discussion on gender in the watch industry and in one’s own company. As it turns out, the initial shock was greater than the reality. Maurice de Mauriac has quite a few watches for women. Compared to the big brands, a great deal more. And then there are the numerous men’s watches that come in sizes that turn them into women’s watches. As the tension in the room subsides, the crisis team breathes a collective sigh of relief. The solution to the imbalance quickly became obvious: the women’s watches simply have to become more visible and the stories of women who wear and love Maurice de Mauriac watches, of which there more than a few, have to be more accessible. For instance, there is the researcher who took a Maurice de Mauriac to the Arctic or the American golfer who always finds the green with one of our watches on her wrist. Not to mention the hundreds of women whose images with our watches grace the social networks. Even among our brand ambassadors, you will find no shortage of inspiring women.

One of the benefits of being a family business is that decisions can be made quickly and solutions rapidly put into action:

On our website, we will soon change the menu to increase the visibility of our women’s watches and highlight stories about the women who choose our watches and are an integral part of our brand.

There will also be a new women’s watch. The project is already underway, but will, of course, take some time to bring to fruition. As with all things watches, doing things right takes time. And this contemplative approach is also the guarantee (yet another wonderful feminine term in German) for the quality (again a female) that we always seek and always find.

With the solution at hand, Daniel’s wife grabs the accordion. Suddenly the tension in the room gives way to a wonderful melody. A festive vibe fills the air, and the ideas for the new women’s watch just start to flow. At that moment, it was clear to everyone that something good—something very right—came out this crisis meeting: We came together as a family to take concrete steps against a one-sided trend in the industry toward ‘his’ time.

We are very excited to see how things develop. And if aren’t yet exited, well, we are there to be excited for you.

Kyle Roig who plays college golf for UCLA during the 57th Harder Hall Women's Invitational Golf at Harder Hall Country Club in Sebring, FL.
Unser Maurice in Lausanne: Dr. Daisy Hessenberger
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