The watchbros travel

Because the world went viral, we traveled home

The watchbros Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss wanted to go on vacation – but without going viral. So they went home on vacation. Not to the very near home in Zurich. But to the whole of Switzerland. Their Tour de Suisse led from Zurich to Montreux to the Hotel Victoria and the Glamping Whitepods, over Lake St. Moritz then to the fairytale Zuoz and over the Maloja Pass and nights in the mountain tent in Niederbauen Kulm to Top of Interlaken with legendary lake and mountain views. And back to Zurich.

With the responsibility for a small luxury watch brand in their minds and hearts, they continued to experience how important the roots are from which one is fed. With open and sensitive senses, they made the journey through Switzerland in a convertible. So you have the right scent, warmth and light for every impression and memory. After such a tour, this energy flows into the watches and projects waiting for the Watchbros in the Zurich studio.

From their father Daniel, they have a passion for people and encounters and there have been many of these. Many of them now know and love Maurice de Mauriac and from now on they belong to the big family of friends and clients.

While Massimo and Leonard, on their first day back in the studio, put their watches back in the shop window in the morning, there is a humming and buzzing on MacBook, iPad and iPhone – the vacation comes back… You can call it a disadvantage, because you can’t switch off, the watchbros love it: As a watch enthusiast you always and everywhere meet like-minded people and the conversations then tick by tick. It is these encounters that often lead to exciting stories, friendships and the inspiration for new watches. Because Maurice de Mauriac makes watches not for markets or target groups, but for people.

AUF 2500M.ü.M. braucht man Zeit und ein Schweizer Sackmesser.
Die Wanderung in Niederbauen zur Spitze des Kulms.
Glamping in Montreux
Ein Schweizer Z`vieri, Cervelat und Käse.
Übernachten auf dem Kulm
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