The lock-down becomes an open-up!

Less becomes more, because we are well prepared!

As of now, it’s clear the 2nd lockdown will last in Switzerland until the end of February. Bad, without question. But we also see such a change as an opportunity. Chance to share our passion for watches with you in new ways.

The Maurice de Mauriac Landrover, which has already achieved a certain fame in Zurich since the Christmas season, will continue to drive for you. Driven by a Dreifuss, of course.

With the rustic Landy we pick up watches for revisions or repairs from you, because now we have plenty of time to do them quickly. Your beloved watch is then only briefly with us. With the Landy we also bring you a new watch or a watch selection from us, so you can choose in peace. We meet at your home, at work, at your favorite place in Zurich or wherever we find it best together.

You can reach the Landy directly via the mobile number:

Or send us a message via Whatsapp or SMS to this number and we will get back to you in no time.

We had said it will be more. In fact, it has become much more. But complicated times require a little more in words and commitment.

We have disinfected this e-mail before sending it. We will treat you as carefully and circumspectly when you call us.

Best regards and stay healthy

Your family Dreifuss

Wir holen ihre Uhr im Grossraum Zürich, mit dem #WatchMobile, mit dem Fahrrad oder mit dem Boot
Ob Sie in der Stadt wohnen oder im Umkreis, wir kommen zu Ihnen
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