We take our brand ambassadors very personally. That is why they are called Maurice

There is hardly a watch brand that does not work together with world-famous brand ambassadors. They are very well known, very popular but also very distant. In other words, they are anonymous heroes who are not personally accessible to the people to whom they advertise their watches. And there is always the lingering question of whether they would wear the watches if it weren’t for the substantial fee.

We believe that nearness and accessibility make for an authentic brand ambassador. And of course his love for our watches, which he had already worn long before becoming a brand ambassador. Our brand ambassadors are very close to us, to our watches and to our customers: So close that we don’t call them brand ambassadors, but rather Maurice.

Every Maurice belongs to the family

As a family business, we see every business partner and every customer as part of the family. Maurice belongs the family as well. He enjoys our utmost trust and knows Maurice de Mauriac inside and out. He has a way with people and a true love for Maurice de Mauriac in his heart, which make him a very honest ambassador.

Ask a Maurice

You can’t come to our studio in Zurich and get to know us and our watches personally? Then see if there is a Maurice in your country and close to you. He will welcome you warmly, advise you with love and tell you why a Maurice de Mauriac is not just a mechanical watch, but also a matter of the heart. A Maurice has been wearing Maurice de Mauriac for years; he has watches you can look at and can also obtain special watches for your consideration. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm and passion of a Maurice.

Unser Maurice in Buenos Aires: Paco Savio
Unser Maurice in Hamburg: Sezgin Yavuz
Unser Maurice in Lissabon: Miguel Seabra
Unser Maurice in Los Angeles: Ariel Adams
Unser Maurice in Miami: Al Vazquez
Unser Maurice in Perth: Matt Ebden
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