Sand, Space, Victory

Maurice de Mauriac is the official timekeeper of the 21st Mallorca Seniors Open 2016: When playing tennis on sand, every point is the result of a great struggle. For this reason, those who win on sand are crowned the king or queen of tennis. And if good things require time, and time makes kings and queens, then the mechanical timepieces from Maurice de Mauriac are always close by: in October, for the second time, Maurice de Mauriac is part of Mallorca Seniors Open, an ATP tournament of the Senior Open.

The tournament has evolved into the most important of its kind worldwide. 700 players are competing against one another. Among them players like Carl Uwe Steeb, Alex Coretja, Tim Henman, Mats Wilander, Henri, Leconte and this year’s winner, Carlos Moya. Once again Maurice de Mauriac sponsored the matches as the official timekeeper, and the winners received not only the 15,000€ prize but also a Maurice de Mauriac.

Sand courts have a different smell to them, a different speed and a different sound. It is more sensual, mechanical – there is rubbing, sliding, scratching and a flow. The watches that Daniel Dreifuss has developed together with his sons and whole family are also derived from this extreme sensuousness. The materials are constantly handled and scrutinised regarding their tones, the fragrance and the sound. Watchmaking is also about the long match; every step in the development requires its time. And just like in tennis, every timepiece means winning a great number of points, deciding a few sets in your favour and, in the end, winning the match – in other words, letting a new timepiece to form.

You feel all of this, even if you aren’t yourself a tennis player, and the fascination of playing on a sand court doesn’t belong to the repertoire of experiences. A Maurice de Mauriac on your arm is truly great tennis.

Regardless of whether one is into sleek mechanical watches with colourful NATO wristbands, or one prefers a larger caliber mechanical time machine with an earthy leather band wrapped around a muscular wrist. Whether a noble creation in gold and crocodile or more technical timepiece with a wristband made of high-grade steel. You can feel the struggle and passion of a mechanical Maurice de Mauriac, which has been made not only for the long match but, once the game is over, for an entire lifetime.

We would love to work with you to create a Maurice de Mauriac for the big match on your wrist at our atelier in the Tödistrasse 48 in Zurich, or you can order one of our individual mechanical creations directly in our online store.

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