Rock Battaglia

Street-fighter, Life-warrior, Lover of Life
Sporting a full beard, mirrored glasses, his punk style, punk attitude, tattoos and his walkie-talkie on his chest, Rock Battaglia makes a serious impression and even intimates some of the people walking along the Bahnhofsstraße. But, in reality, he’s just a bicycle courier. His appearance certainly comes in handy in the hectic battle that couriers face out on the streets – day in, day out. It is not uncommon for the driver of an expensive car to let off the gas rather than have to deal with this street-fighter. It is, unfortunately, not something that Rock can rely on.

What for many is merely an attitude, in Rock’s case is the culmination of a pretty intense life. Born into a gipsy family, Rock ended up in an orphanage, was supposed to settle down in a circus, and eventually found in Punk a way of life that he to this day remains true to. He even knows the mother of punk, Vivienne Westwood, personally, and just like her, landed at Worlds End. That’s the name of the tattoo shop he has made the hottest in Switzerland, and which happens to be the name of Vivienne Westwood’s tattoo parlour in London. London and its underground scene are Rock’s second home. Via the bike courier scene, he often immerses himself in the underground culture to find his true Punk self again.

As a bike courier, time is for Rock valuable and always in short supply. Yet, in the other areas of Rock’s life, he rejects the life dictated by speed. This is one of the reasons he left the tattoo scene – everything nowadays has to be fast and the true spirit has been lost. What watch does a person wear who simultaneously finds time valuable and loathes it? A person who prefers simply being to the constant rush of becoming? A Maurice de Mauriac. A watch as in touch with time as one can be. This watch makes a statement: it can be the precise time instrument Rock requires while competing at the international bike courier competitions, or it let’s time become the measure of all things, like when Rock is threading his way through the streets of Zurich.

And yes, Rock is a permanent fixture of the music scene here. It kinda helps when you’re friends with Thomas D. of the “Fantastischen Vier”. But as a DJ, you have to make every single person in the club your friend, so that what starts as music becomes a night no one wants to forget – at least till the next Balkan Beats or Gypsy-Punk-Night.

While Rock indeed leads a wild and pretty exciting life—one that would certainly overwhelm most others—he’s also someone who cherishes and fosters friendship, love, sincerity and even tradition. And because of this, we love him. We are proud that our watch accompanies Rock through his life.

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