James B. – The NATO strap subscription

These NATO straps are among the coolest things you can do for yourself and your watch.

Six of the coolest, most elegant and best NATO straps for spring, summer and winter, exclusively curated by the colour and watch strap guru Daniel Dreifuss.

Two NATO straps will be delivered in three separate instalments: in the second week of December, May and September. Until the beginning of the respective preceding months, you can let the man who lives and breathes colour, Daniel Dreifuss, and his sons individually alter the choice of straps.

Six celebrated NATO straps from Maurice de Mauriac for the price of five.
That means you receive one NATO strap for free. And the gratuitous strap is also a limited edition.

You can choose from different width.
(While you are in the paying process you can mention it in the “order notes” if you want different width)

Normal Price
300 Swiss Francs

Your Subscription Price
250 Swiss Francs

CHF 300 CHF 250