Our Watches are Zurich.

Zurich is home to our family, friends, business partners, our atelier and a number of Maurice de Mauriac customers: While there are many Swiss watch manufactures, there is only one in Zurich: Maurice de Mauriac. Our watches blend the attention to detail associated with Swiss quality and the international urbanity of the largest and wildest city in Switzerland – namely, Zurich. Every single one of our watches is developed in Zurich, is tested by our Zurich-based watchmakers and, finally, produced in small production series in Zurich. The melting pot in which Swiss attentiveness is fused together with Zurich urbanity is the atelier in the Tödistrasse 48: the heart of the family business Maurice de Mauriac.

Made from Zurich
Our family lives in and is part of Zurich – we are caught up in and part of the city’s flow, merging attentiveness with craziness and instilling every watch with this energy. This is the reason why every single watch – regardless of how precious – has something rebellious in it, and, vice versa, the more outwardly rebellious watches from Maurice de Mauriac contain something refined and embody a form of elegance.

However, given that Zurich unites so many different impulses and perspectives, it only seemed appropriate to highlight another facet of the city. So, we asked the Zurich industrial designer Fabian Schwarzler to tame one of our watches. As only he can do, Fabian united ‘Swissness’ with ‘big city life’ to give a unique graphic form to the model L1. The provocation behind the simple elegance of this design is not easy to recognize, which is one of the reasons it is so endearing to passionate and creative individuals.

Those who love Zurich, love to show it
When you love Zurich as much as we do, then you just want to show it. The name Zurich doesn’t just signify where the watch was made, for Zurich isn’t just a location. Rather, Zurich stands for the creativity and diversity of peoples, lifestyles, and impulses … it is our home.  Because a watch consists of more than just a timekeeping device, Maurice de Mauriac offers a number of options when it comes to watch straps. For instance, you can configure your watch with a NATO strap in a wide variety of colours and themes: everything from your favourite colour to automotive, sport, nautical or even outdoor themes. And, of course, you can also order a NATO strap displaying Zurich’s own colours: blue and white. If you aren’t sure or simply can’t decide for yourself, then you can rely on the Dreifuss family’s uncanny eye for aesthetics to help you. As always, you can find us at the atelier in the Tödistrasse 48.

Zurich carries the whole world in itself and we carry Zurich out into the world
For a small family-run business, we can be proud of our international success. Customers all over the world wear our watches. And those who have had to say goodbye to Zurich carry a Maurice de Mauriac creation out into the world.

The hip-hop legend RUN DMC proudly wears a watch especially created by Maurice de Mauriac for him.

The snowboard gold metal winner Iouri Podladtschickow wore his Maurice de Mauriac at the awards ceremony in Sotchi and triumphantly held it up high after receiving his gold metal.

Manu-L, lead singer of Remady, loves his Maurice de Mauriac.

They all belong to our family, to the Dreifuss family, to Zurich and, of course, to the family of Maurice de Mauriac watch lovers.

Welcome to the table university
If you would like to meet up with the family, whether for the first or twentieth time, come visit us at our atelier in the Tödistrasse 48. At the ‘table university’ – the soul of the atelier – we can chat, have an espresso, talk about Zurich and, of course, about our shared passion – watches! If you don’t have time or trip is just too far, then just give us a call (0041 44 280 01 12) , send us an e-mail
(atelier@mauricedemauriac.ch) or simply visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Trip Advisor, or wherever we have become family.

Greeting from your watch family from Zurich!

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