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Beyer Talk Episode 4 with Daniel Dreifuss

Beyer and Maurice de Mauriac – Both are family businesses. Both are places for passionate watch lovers. And it’s hard to imagine Zurich without both names. In the Beyer Talk, Daniel Dreifuss tells us how he managed to build up his own watch brand so solidly that he can now pass it on to his sons.

If you’re out and about in Zurich, you’ve probably seen Daniel Dreifuss’s blue and white Landrover before. The lettering of his watch brand is emblazoned on it: Maurice de Mauriac. Not a traditional manufacture from the Jura, but a vision that officially began in 1997. Making your own watch brand fly – or tick – is no simple matter. Together with René Beyer, Dreifuss talks about his time as a producer of promotional watches, who this “Maurice” is, and how much effort you have to put in to make a dream come true.

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