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Interviews with people who have experienced special times with special watches

There are great stories for and about watches. But most of the time they stay at a distance. You can see them, you read about them. But have you ever been able to contact one of the actors in these stories directly? Asked what it’s like to want to fly to the moon, to race over a salt lake at over 1000 km/h, to fly supersonic speed or row across the Atlantic for thousands of kilometers, to dive extremely deep without any technical support. You certainly don’t have one yet. Not yet, because now we are making it possible.

We assure you, it is fascinating to hear the stories personally from those who have lived through them. When we look at our watches afterwards, we feel the happiness of seeing land, of thinking that the Atlantic Ocean would never end, of being able to breathe deeply again when our head breaks through the surface of the water, or of feeling that the parachutes open after the frantic journey.

We’re going to let you be part of it now. In loose order, we meet the people with whom we shared our watches for extreme situations, with whom we developed watches together. “Maurice talks to…” is the look into the experience of these people, is like looking into an open watch that also reveals its soul. You will suddenly see the world differently, just as you will see your own watch differently forever. As a living reminder of a great history that life has written…

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