Zurich Tips from Leo

Leo empfiehlt:


Rote Fabrik

Cult location, red brick, amazing performances like Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers; in summer it’s a great place for swimming and spraying is legal. I sometimes like to swing the spray can there.


My school, the Zurich University of the Arts, has a museum, a cinema and a wonderful rooftop terrace, where I love to hang out. A very creative place.


Some consider it their home away from home on Langstrasse: a cosy atmosphere, oriental jazz music with a live DJ.

Neni 25Hours Hotel

Enjoy eating Israeli specialities at a fair price. Tastes just like in Tel Aviv. It is also a family-run business: Mother with four sons!

Villa Patumbah

Like the Rietberg Museum, idyllic garden, amazingly beautiful villa converted into a museum! Fantastic exhibitions! This is where I come to recharge.


Zurich Art University in Zurich ZHdK
Kaschemme Bar in Zurich
Neni Restaurant in Zurich
Villa Patumbah in Zurich