Now we are at the helm!

Our Atlantic-crossers gave us one of their oars.

Not long ago, four young men were sitting around and had the crazy idea of rowing across the Atlantic. Many young men have outlandish ideas, but these four actually did it. Yves Schultheiss, Luca Baltersperger, Laurent Elsässer and  Marlin Strub rowed across the Atlantic as Team Swiss Mocean. We believed in them and their spirit, and they took us along with them on the journey. Our watches were there as they pulled with all their might the oar to their chests about a million times, a constant struggle against the strong waters of the Atlantic.

After about 1 million strokes, about 5000 kilometres on the open sea and 30 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes, Yves, Luca, Laurenz and Martin had done it. They were the 3rd from 28 teams to cross the finish line—an experience that will shape the rest of their lives. If you ever find yourself, privately or professionally, in a difficult situation, remind yourself that to achieve a significant goal one has to persevere. As a small family business, we have often experienced such situations and difficult times. Now we have an impressive symbol of this mindset in our atelier: one of the oars that took these four young men across the Atlantic.

And when in the course of our daily business we have to cross our own ‘Atlantic’ now and again, we will look to this oar for inspiration and strength.

Thanks to Team Swiss Mocean for letting us accompany them on their epic journey, and thank you for this great symbol that we can now call our own. We will honour it with the respect it deserves.


Nach der harten arbeiten können Yves und Luca jetzt wieder lachen