Growing up together!

One with electronic music, and the other with mechanical music.


Vincent Dubinsky and Leonard Dreifuss have grown up together. Both with music. Both measure the speed of their very own music in units based on minutes. The DJ Vincent Dubinsky in beats per minute (bpm); Leonard Dreifuss, son of the founder of the Zurich-based watch brand for mechanical watches Maurice de Mauriac, in oscillations per hour.

Dubinsky is now known as Cruz. His audience has grown from 10 people in front of his DJ console in Zurich in the past to tens of thousands today – all over the world. His beat is usually somewhere around 120 bpm (beats per minute). Leo’s beat is 28,800. In order to achieve great precision, this is the number of oscillations many mechanical movements use to measure time. For watch lovers, this quiet humming, the mechanical pulsation, is music.

Cruz’s brand stands for a different generation of DJs who not only excel as self-promoters but also as brands that deliver an economically good product. They not only deliver a cool evening but also have a solid, reliable concept. The Maurice de Mauriac brand, which Leonard now runs with his father, Daniel, and his brother, Massimo, in Zurich, is also another generation of watchmakers. It is oriented towards Zurich’s urbanity and pursues values such as family, friendship, love, mindfulness, empathy, humanity, creativity and quality, rather than archaic traditions or short-lived trends. The Dreifuss family looks for and finds these values in Zurich’s small, everyday life. They elevate these values and give them a new language of expression in their watches, in their brand and in their interactions with the people they invite to become their friends. Leonard stands today in front of tens of thousands of people – in front of thousands of friends on all analogue and digital channels of the Maurice de Mauriac brand. But also, and with the same intensity, in front of every single client in Maurice de Mauriac’s atelier.

For many years now, DJ Cruz has worn mechanical watches from Maurice de Mauriac in his electronically shaped world. That’s love. Leonard, also a graffiti artist, carries Cruz music with him when he devotes himself to analogue art and analogue watches – when in search of inspiration. That’s love, too. This mutual love shows very vividly the appreciation that these seemingly dissimilar friends have for one another.

It’s such a fascinating idea: Thinking about how a new generation of DJs and watchmakers manage to stay in tune at 120 beats and 28,800 oscillations (respectively) for many years to come and to harness the energy of their difference to become something more than individuals, something even larger.

Dj Cruz in Paris
Dj Cruz with Asap Rocky
Zusammen sind wir Mauriacs: DJ Cruz
Portrait of Dj Cruz
Dj Cruz
Swiss Nightlife Award 2017
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