Game, Set, Mat(t)ch

Mathew (Matt) Ebden moves into our Embassy.

Our ambassadors not only stand for us and our brand, they are also very closely connected to us. That’s the reason why we give these special individuals our brand’s forename—Maurice. The professional tennis player Matt Ebden is just such a Maurice.

Matt Ebden hails from South Africa and comes from a family dedicated to tennis. That Matt would end up playing tennis was a foregone conclusion—that he would eventually make it into the top 50 in the world was not. He has worked hard to reach this level.

Our Maurice and friend from Portugal, Miguel Saebra—who also moderates tennis matches for Eurosport—introduced us to Matt at some point. That was at Wimbledon. However, since we regularly attend major tournaments in Paris, on Mallorca, etc., Matt had already caught our attention. What fascinated us about Matt was how he came out of seemingly nowhere to play his way into the top 50 of the world-ranking list. He possesses an unfathomable diligence and ability to deal with setbacks. His career path hit home with us because it, in many ways, mirrored our own as a watch brand. A fleeting acquaintance quickly became more, and at some point Matt had become a Maurice. In addition to Stan Smith, another tennis player who is passionate about our watches and friendship, he willing to make this commit himself.

We are looking forward to many amazing moments to come for and with Matt, and hope that he remains among the top 10 of our ambassadors—our Maurice.

Matt Ebden, Shanghai Masters
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