The new generation ticks in the same beat

Gilles Roulin and Leonard Dreifuss ride off together

Gilles Roulin reaches for the Deep Sky, puts it down and immediately feels that he is going to go up, that this is his watch. That was the end of the connoisseur phase between Gilles Roulin, the downhill and Super G specialist, Leonard Dreifuss and Maurice de Mauriac.

It all began when Leonard Dreifuss met Gilles Roulin in private and they found each other very likeable. Neither knew enough about the other to come up with the idea of doing something together. That happened a year later. We had just lost a young skier whom we had sponsored and Gilles Roulin is on his way up with Swiss Ski and needs sponsors. These are exactly the guys our heart beats for. With such energetic men and women we like to walk part of the way together – we like to share our time and our watches.

In this case, the path leads directly upwards from 44th place in the world ranking list in the downhill, 31st place in the super-G and 21st place in the combination. In skiing everything revolves around good times and we know all about good times. The success seems almost certain.

In training and racing, no skier wears a watch, of course. There other watches rule the scene. But when it comes to having the best time in preparation for training and races, we are the specialists. That’s why Gilles has chosen a dream watch.

Even if we are again consistently following our values here, it is new that the next generation, in this case Leonard Dreifuss, is the link to the new heroes of our brand. Roulin, on skis since the age of 2, Leonard has been living with Maurice de Mauriac’s watches ever since. Today both of them not only live their passions, they love them and fever for them – now together.

These will be good times for Gilles Roulin. And for Maurice de Mauriac, once again a very exciting one.

Foto: Sven Thomann, 7.12.2019, Beaver Creek (USA): Abfahrt Maenner. Gilles Roulin (Sui) im Ziel.
Foto: Sven Thomann, 7.12.2019, Beaver Creek (USA): Abfahrt Maenner. Gilles Roulin (Sui) im Ziel.
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