Atelier Maurice de Mauriac

Wo Zeit Raum bekommt: Das Atelier von Maurice de Mauriac. Bevor man in das Atelier von Maurice de Mauriac kommt, sind Uhren noch Uhren. Danach sind…


We open our vaults

That our watches are made by Zurich is not an empty advertising slogan. It is breathed reality. The city shapes us with its Swissness, its…


The lock-down becomes an open-up!

As of now, it's clear the 2nd lockdown will last in Switzerland until the end of February. Bad, without question. But we also see such…


Diving into the snow

When enthusiasm for one of our watches results in pictures like these, we are more than happy to show them. Here, an L2 has been…


Die Watchbros in their new Pop-Up

For weeks the 67 Series II Landrover has been circling Zurich. It is something between a branded taxi, mobile pop-up store, and a local attraction…


True luxury isn’t about contrived limitation

When friends of the family or clients are not around, the atelier in Tödistrasse can be a very quiet place. Enveloped by this silence, one…

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