Atelier Maurice de Mauriac

Before one enters the Maurice de Mauriac atelier, watches are just watches. Afterwards, however, they are so much more: time-catchers, orchestrators of time, users of time and wasters of time. Maurice de Mauriac watches have a temperature, a scent, are vibrantly tactile


The magic of the full of moon

Every second of time holds an incredible power. What happens throughout the entire world in just one second is almost incomprehensible. Watching the second hand…


The Watch of the Shaolin Fighter

While most people wind the rotor in our automatic calibres with everyday movements, we know someone who does it with a tiger—sometimes a leopard. Martin…


Zurich Tips from Daniel

Daniel:   Museum Rietberg Extremely well situated – one minute from home – Rieterpark one of the most beautiful parks. It is an oasis for…


Zurich Tips from Leo

Leo empfiehlt:   Rote Fabrik Cult location, red brick, amazing performances like Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers; in summer it’s a great place for…


Zurich Tips from Massimo

Massimo recommends:   From Allmend to Uetliberg I like jogging outdoors – out in the hills and forest. To this end, going from Aallmend up…


Growing up together!

One with electronic music, and the other with mechanical music.   Vincent Dubinsky and Leonard Dreifuss have grown up together. Both with music. Both measure…


Don’t tell me any tall tales about horses. But it’s a true tale!

A short story about Shell Cordovan leather. While the statement ‘everything rare is valuable’ doesn’t always hold, in the case of Shell Cordovan leather, it…


A major film event featuring a smaller, exclusive brand

  The SRF has been a faithful sponsor of Swiss film. On the 17th and 18th of December, the current SRF-funded TV event movie "Private…


Love now has a watch

Everything has clocks: aviation, motorsport, tennis, feature literacy, in fact there is a clock for everything. Only for the love there was no really own…