Eine Uhr voller Mond

In jeder Sekunde der Zeit liegt eine unfassbare Kraft. Unfassbar, was weltweit in einer einzigen Sekunde alles passiert. Man könnte schon ehrfürchtig werden, wenn man dann…


It's time for Antarctica!

Daisy Hessenberger walks through clear, piercing air—her breath hangs like fog around her face. A glance at her watch helps her to orient herself in…


If already cinema, then right!

No film festival is older than the one in Venice, which has been held annually since 1932 and parallel to the biennial. Amidst the Italian…


A Watch for Going Deep

In the city, out in the country and at sea


The magic of the full of moon

Every second of time holds an incredible power. What happens throughout the entire world in just one second is almost incomprehensible. Watching the second hand…


Atelier Maurice de Mauriac

Before one enters the Maurice de Mauriac atelier, watches are just watches. Afterwards, however, they are so much more: time-catchers, orchestrators of time, users of time and wasters of time. Maurice de Mauriac watches have a temperature, a scent, are vibrantly tactile