At 300 meters, the sea is deep blue

The L2 deep black in bronze is the icon of a diver’s watch. The masterpiece of the Swiss designer Fabian Schwaerzler and the watch and color fetishist Daniel Dreifuss, the…

If you want to see real black …

The L2 is an iconographic diver’s watch, a masterpiece of collaboration between Swiss designer Fabian Schwaerzler and Maurice de Mauriac. Within a short time she became another darling of our…

It’s time for Antarctica!

Daisy Hessenberger walks through clear, piercing air—her breath hangs like fog around her face. A glance at her watch helps her to orient herself in a world seemingly without orientation….

A‘hole in one’ friendship

A woman was standing in front of the atelier, fidgeting with her luggage and capturing our attention. The next thing we knew, she was standing in our atelier. Did we…

Game, Set, Mat(t)ch

Our ambassadors not only stand for us and our brand, they are also very closely connected to us. That’s the reason why we give these special individuals our brand’s forename—Maurice….

Now we are at the helm!

Not long ago, four young men were sitting around and had the crazy idea of rowing across the Atlantic. Many young men have outlandish ideas, but these four actually did…

Everything will be fine!

For your and our safety we have decided to temporarily close our Atelier in Zurich until the 19th of May. You can reach us personally by telephone and or digitally through many channels:

For urgent personal contact, we can arrange an individual appointment in the Atelier.

And since we are able to still ship your products, we offer you a 10% discount until the 19th of April to overcome this situation.
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Thank you for your understanding and keep safe!

Daniel, Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss