Dogma straps – the end of exhibitionism

Those who break with the dogmas in the watch industry are allowed to characterise the result of their efforts “dogma”. The most recent watch strap created by Mauriac de Mauriac, the Zurich based watch brand with the most expertise when it

Bronze-Watches are alive

The play of colours present in the patina is what makes the metal bronze so extremely attractive for Maurice de Mauriac watches. Bronze watches take an active role in the lives of their wearers and show their true colour.The interplay of colours moves between gold, brown, black and greenish-blue.

A Watch for the Submerge: L2

Very few people have ever had the chance to actually look at a diving watch 300 meters below the surface. And in the case of the L2, one would truly love to have the opportunity to savour it while floating weightless in the absolute silence of the deep blue depths.

Sand, Space, Victory

Maurice de Mauriac is the official timekeeper of the 21st Mallorca Seniors Open 2016: When playing tennis on sand, every point is the result of a great struggle. For this reason,…

Our Watches are Zurich.

Zurich is home to our family, friends, business partners, our atelier and a number of Maurice de Mauriac customers: While there are many Swiss watch manufactures, there is only one in Zurich:…

Diamonds watches

We receive pictures from around the world. This foto was sent by a proud owner of one of our diamonds watches. Thank you for the great picture.