Ready for every occasion: the ties that bind

Watchstraps hold watch and wearer together: If one believes the words of those who are able to lose themselves in mechanical timepieces, then these watches have a soul. If they…

À Maurice

Maurice the watch-whisperer invites: There aren’t many people who know the souls of things, …and even fewer can make these souls perceptible and tangible to others. Maurice can. If you also…

Zürich meets London

Oneness meets otherness: This is where traditions meet and bets placed as to which is older and more taditional. Two cities striving to find out which one can be the most…

When the going get’s tough, the tough push on through

One-piece or “pass-through” watch straps—as are they are sometimes referred to—have been around for quite some time. In 1965 they were thrust into the spotlight in the James Bond film…

Deep Blue

Blue is matter-of-fact, blue is intellectual, blue is cold. All very true. Yet because blue watches are in great demand, we searched for a sensual blue. We sought to find…

Dogma straps – the end of exhibitionism

Those who break with the dogmas in the watch industry are allowed to characterise the result of their efforts “dogma”. The most recent watch strap created by Mauriac de Mauriac, the Zurich based watch brand with the most expertise when it

Everything will be fine!

For your and our safety we have decided to temporarily close our Atelier in Zurich until the 19th of May. You can reach us personally by telephone and or digitally through many channels:

For urgent personal contact, we can arrange an individual appointment in the Atelier.

And since we are able to still ship your products, we offer you a 10% discount until the 19th of April to overcome this situation.
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