Baselworld 18

Our Watches are Going on the Road

Maurice de Mauriac is Moving from Zurich to Baselworld (Again)

Our watches will be spending 23 – 26 March at Baselworld. They’re waiting to greet friends, business partners and those just curious to see them in person at the lounge in the Ramada Hotel. As always, Daniel Dreifuss will be showing his best timepieces in a very relaxed setting. In the spotlight this year is the L2: the further evolution of the classic L1 into a diving watch. Whether you prefer classic steel or the fascination of bronze, we’ve got you covered. In addition to existentialist black, we also offer dials and bezels in stormy red and the deepest blue.

Those familiar with Maurice de Mauriac know that this brand isn’t just known for exceptionally beautiful mechanical watches, but also for their truly special watch straps. They too await you at the Ramada. For instance, there is the Dogma: a watch strap that protects the watch in a small leather case from unwanted glances, from wind and weather on a motorcycle or bicycle, or from other rigours of life. And when someone asks for the time, or what is hidden under the finely crafted leather, then the stage is set for the watch to make its big appearance.

For appointments, you can reach us during Baselworld under the following number: +41764324179

Meet here the Family behind the brand

We look forward to spending time with you in Basel.

Yours truly,
The Dreifuss Family

L2 Bronze wristshot in Basel
Maurice de Mauriac L2 Sunset over the Rhein, Basel
Maurice de Mauriac L2 Basel, 15.3.2018 © Sven Thomann
The L2 bronze in front of the famous Les Trois Rois Hotel
Here you find us from the 23 – 26 of March. In the iconic Messehallen Basel constructed by Herzog de Meuron.