I am a marketing and sales specialist and have been working in the international watch business for many years. As a result, I commute several times a year between Switzerland and some Arab countries and especially Dubai. For the market launch and brand positioning in these countries, which have a large number of watch lovers and connoisseurs, I was looking for a very special, high-quality, innovative brand that is full of stories, full of style, and a special magic. That’s when I met Daniel Dreifuss and his sons Massimo and Leonard, who are the owners of the unique Maurice de Mauriac watchmaking company. Since that day, I have been inspired, enchanted, and enthusiastic about this exceptional brand. It is a great honour and makes me proud to work for Maurice de Mauriac in the Arab countries and to inspire many potential buyers for these outstanding watches.

I am more than happy to assist you with any questions.


Andreas Lehmann

+4176 375 95 10

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