Hi, Grüezi & Buongiorno

In 2001 I entered the shop of Daniel Dreifuss in Zurich as a watch enthusiast for the first time and bought my first Maurice de Mauriac watch. For me, there exists no other special shop than the one at Tödistrasse 48.

Zurich is the city where I grew up, where my banking career took shape, where I met my wife and where my family still lives today. Wearing a watch on my wrist from my city is something unique.

I commute for business purposes between Zurich and London very often since most of my clients live there. Being creative in finance is not easy, so watches, piano playing, tennis and football are my passions.

Today I proudly wear a bronze L2. The material has something magical. I am happy to answer all your questions and looking forward to hearing from you.



Massimo Dreifuss

New Street Square, London

+41 79 588 22 33


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