The strain on my body is very important to me. In the form of climbs-
or impassable hurdles, which I like to face, I extend
I’m going to have to keep on putting that strain on myself and get to know me in a new way. I love it
Terms to stretch; What is an extremes? What is a physical limit?
What is fear? What is failure and what is success? With such flexible slogans
I have to argue and enter a territory of self-discovery.
to the city. I am really looking forward to facing a new hurdle and body
and spirit for this adventure. I am firmly convinced that with
the Swiss-Mocean project to lay a foundation for my life.

Born 16.06.1991
body mass 72 kg / 175 cm
Place of residence Walenstadt
Helicopter pilot in training
Interests outdoor sports, reading, aviation



kailua kona,

+41 79 447 11 56

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