“I am one of the very few women in this business. Often at watch events, I am the only woman,” she said, adding that for the past five years her boyfriend, now her husband, always has accompanied her. “Being a woman in this men’s world is not that easy or common.”

This was my first answer when The New York Times published my interview..

Being the author of important books about luxury watches, and being a very active user of social media, you can obviously read a lot about me on line, so here you will tell you about what you cannot ready anywhere else…

My favorite color is green ( but you probably know it from instagram…), my favorite day is June 7, the day I married Daniele in Paraggi, and the best in my life is him.

I love fashion and my favorite brand ( apart from Rolex, obviously) is Louis Vuitton; I have an obsession for combining colors and you will never see me wearing more than two different colors..

I love travelling and my favorite city is New york, the place where Daniele proposed me to become his wife.

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