They are in!

The Watchbros are in!

Exactly one year ago, Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss heard the almost casually dropped sentence “I’m out!”. They expected such a sentence from their father’s mouth eventually. That was clear. It could have been longer, spoken with more care, and sounding more like a solemn speech or a plan, this so important sentence. But Daniel Dreifuss, a master of long stories, began the story of his sons at the head of Maurice de Mauriac with precisely these three words.

Daniel Dreifuss drew breath for this years ago. Back then, he established a monthly meeting dedicated to the theoretical and practical topic of brand management. Since then, Massimo and Leonard have been sitting at the office table  with specialists for brand management, for marketing and design, digital communication and public relations, suppliers, and watch lovers. Daniel Dreifuss calls it the table university in the Atelier at Tödistrasse in Zurich. First, the Watchbros participated, and at some point later Päps, as they like to call their father, just sat in, and finally, the brothers took over these appointments alone.

In that moment, they went from being brothers in a watch family to being the Watchbros. Now they could take over the business. Their father recognized this and his three words were enough to make it happen.

Daniel Dreifuss’ last watch, the L3 sees red, which is his “farewell watch” for the brand, was immediately followed by the Watchbros’ first watch – the Grand Cœur. A watch that is a watchmaking tour de force and whose staging in the market already bears the signature of a young generation – that of the Watchbros.

While “Päps” makes his life more Italian with his wife, their sons, the Watchbros, fill the brand’s claim, watches made by zurich, more and more with their personal Zurich. Their Zurich consists of valuable contacts that their father gave them, built up together with them, and let them build up themselves.

From bro to watch bro, Massimo and Leonard did not become just through your father’s three words, not through those intensive years of preparation, not through a whole formative life as part of a passionate family business. They became the Watchbros because they had the freedom to become anything and now felt a wild desire to become just that. They are in!

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