A major film event featuring a smaller, exclusive brand


The SRF has been a faithful sponsor of Swiss film. On the 17th and 18th of December, the current SRF-funded TV event movie “Private Banking” will be broadcasted—and we’re in it! The transformation of the Swiss financial system and the lifting of banking secrecy are portrayed in terms of a family drama about a Swiss private bank.

Being part of a large-scale film project means a great deal to us. You might ask: Why are some of the actors wearing a Maurice de Mauriac in the film? The answer is quite simple: Because our timepieces are an expression of great exclusivity. Maurice de Mauriac watches aren’t just produced in Switzerland, they are a product of Zurich itself and stand for individual exclusivity that goes beyond mainstream luxury.

“We are extremely proud that our watches were selected!” Daniel Dreifuss just smiles. While uttering the words, one has the feeling that Daniel is almost floating. “Those who love us and our watches can’t miss this TV event movie.”

Attached below are a few screenshots from the preview of “Private Banking”. Once you have discovered the watches, you can’t help but notice them again and again. Leo Dreifuss advises: “Absolutely watch both films—it’s not only a film about private banking, but also a film about Zurich, our hometown.”

Bild aus dem Film. Marco Antonelli (Marc Benjamin) steckt sein Buch in seine Aktentasche
Bild aus dem Film. Der wichtige reiche dänische Kunde redet mit Marco Antonelli (Marc Benjamin)
Die junge Juristin und Compliance-Officerin Stefanie Pfenninger (Anna Schinz) nerft sich ab dem erfolgreiche Kundenberater Marco Antonelli (Marc Benjamin)
Auf dem Set, Daniel Dreifuss mit Hauptdarstellerin Caroline Pfister (Stephanie Japp)
Auf dem Set, Daniel Dreifuss mit Marco Antonelli (Marc Benjamin)
Auf der Premiere, Daniel Dreifuss mit Edi Luchsinger (Dietrich Siegl)
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