Maurice de Mauriac Switzerland
Maurice de Mauriac Le Mans

"Five years ago I reached the level of quality that I have always sought to attain. And since then, we have continued to improve year for year ..."

... to "we" belongs not just Daniel Dreifuss, but above all his family. MAURICE DE MAURIAC – ZURICH is a family business. The three children Masha, Leo, and Massimo are an integral part of this endeavor, and represent a positive impulse constantly pushing me to go further. They help out in the workshop, accompany me to trade shows, for instance, in Hong Kong, and run the convention stand in Basel.

Yet, Daniel's most important inspiration remains his wife Claudia, who is a painter and has a studio next door. It was with Claudia's help that Daniel developed the unmistakable aesthetic concepts and innovations characteristic of the MAURICE DE MAURIAC.

For instance, the "interchangeable bezel": watch face, wrist strap, upper portion of the watch housing, and the crystal can be individually selected and switched out, thus making each timepiece unique. While the non-reflective sapphire crystal allows the chronometer to presence itself; the weight, the material of the housing (whether rose gold, titanium, or steel), as well as the color and clarity of the black or white diamonds, all impart their own individual moods to the watch face, and thereby contribute to the watch's character.

Claudia Ginocchio encourages and motivates Daniel Dreifuss to remain true to himself as well as to that which makes his collection unique: "Make only that which you enjoy". These words could just as well have come from the French essayist Michel de Montaigne – a free thinker, who regularly broke with conventions, and who followed his conscience and intuition. It was this spiritual kinship that moved Daniel Dreifuss to use the poet's initials in the company name: MAURICE DE MAURIAC!