Maurice de Mauriac Switzerland

"My workshop is like the store in the film "Smoke" ...

... Daniel remarks. And everyone who has seen the film knows what he means. His workshop is the point of conversion for various activities and people; this is where production, selling, and discussion take place. In the broadest sense of the term, this place is lived. Customers, friends, family, and familiar faces from all around the globe all come and go. One could also describe the workshop as a salon or even as the neighborhood corner store. A long table extends through the large, light-filled room in the Tödisstrasse 48 – just five minutes walking distance from Zurich's Paradplatz. The table is covered with various objects and things connected to Daniel Dreifuss' life and work: newspapers and magazines from all over the world, books about art and race car drivers, model cars, stuffed animals, scarfs (sewn by Daniel's daughter, Masha), diamonds, assorted kinds of metals, model watches, finished and half-finished watch movements, sapphire crystals, an espresso machine, as well as a computer, the sole purpose of which is for playing music – an indispensible source of inspiration for a watchmaker.

Despite the eclectic mélange, MAURICE DE MAURIAC operates according to a very define order. The daily comings and goings are orchestrated by the charismatic host; for time and space must be made for the production. Precision requires the utmost concentration, and a calm and contemplative environment is needed for the development of new and creative ideas. Yet, it is the materials – those which slip through the hands, the musical rhythms, the films that offer images, or the biographies of interesting people – that trigger the indeterminable mix from which new ideas spring forth.

Whether calf, nappa, crocodile, or shell cordovan leather (a very rare and expensive horse leather from the U.S.), whether matt, crystal, rose gold, steel, titanium, or carbon fiber, whether black or white diamonds, the raw materials are found in inspiration and the craftsmanship in the courage to dare the unusual.